Vocab Vendredi: French Furniture Vocabulary

I’ve been recently translating quite a few marketing documents for furnishings companies from French to English and found some of the vocabulary difficult…this is because sometimes words mean something different in this context (e.g. confectionner has nothing to do with sweets and actually means ‘to tailor’) and because sometimes there are very specific terms in both French and English which can be hard to find…bearing that in mind, I have compiled a list of French furniture vocabulary, which I hope might help anyone else translating similar documents!

French English
Avec cheminée A ‘cheminée’ is a flap used to help tuck in the duvet cover, popular on the continent, but doesn’t seem to exist in England?
Broderie Embroidery
Brume de linge Linen mist
Chanvre Hemp
Confection sur mesure Custom tailoring
Confectionner To tailor
Cordon coulissant Drawstring
Couture Sewing
Descente de lit Bedside rug
Entretien Care (as in ‘care instructions’)
Galon Braiding
Housse de couette Duvet cover
Housse de coussin Cushion cover
Housse de sommier Valance
Housse de traversin Bolster cover
Laine Wool
Nappe Tablecloth
Œillet Eyelet
Sommier Bedframe
Store bateau Roman blinds
Tablier Apron
Taie Pillowcase

Hopefully that was interesting/helpful for some of you!

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