Vocab Vendredi: French Financial Terms

I’ve done a few translation jobs recently relating to finance and once again, I thought I would share the fruits of my research with you all! So here is a collection of French financial terms! Also, I have a six week series on my instagram called ‘Vocab Vendredi’ where I post an image relating to a French-vocabulary-based fact – check it out here.

French English
actions à rendement  return shares
ajustée du risque  risk adjusted
apporter  to contribute
croissance  growth
détection de tendances  trend identification
directeur administratif et financier  administrative and financial director
entrepreneurial  business (adjective)
incicatrice  incentive (adjective)
investir to invest
isr  sri
l’actif (m)  asset
l’actionnaire (m)  shareholder
l’apport (m)  contribution
l’associé (m)  shareholder
l’associé gérant (m)  managing partner
l’audit (m) audit
l’encours (m)  outstanding debt(s)
l’incubation (f) incubation
l’investissement (m) investment
l’organe (m)  body
la chiffre  figure/statistic
la performance absolue  absolute performance
la source de rendement  source of return
le cadre d’investissement  investment framework
le compartiment  sub fund
le délegataire  delegate
le dispositif  device
le fonds equity  equity funds
le mandat  mandate
le revenu revenue
les actions  shares
les capitaux capital
les données comptables (f)  accounting data
les marchés financiers  finance market
les propositions d’investissement  investment propositions
milliard  billion
opcvm  ucits
seed money  seed money
sicav  umbrella fund
sociétés de gestion de portefeuilles  portfolio management companies
stratégies d’arbitrage  abritration strategies

I hope you enjoyed these French words about money and found it useful. Is there anything else vocabulary-related you’d like to know about?

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