Vocab Vendredi: French Words for Clothes Related Items/Terms

Hey! Another quick entry this week. In case you’ve ever wondered about making clothes in French, here are some lesser known French words for clothes and other fashion terminology you might come across:

French English
amovible removable/detachable
l’essayage (m) fitting
la dentelle lace
la doublure lining
la face facing
le découpage cutout
le motif pattern
le pli pleat
le thermocollant iron-in webbing/interfacing
une toile a toile (mock-up of a garment)

Did these French words related to fashion help you out? I’d love to hear about your translation dilemmas below. Or, if maybe you’re in need of some French fashion related words being translated into English? If so, you can contact me via my contact page!

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