#ThatTranslatorCanCook Week Eight: Brigadeiro!

I’m a little early this week, as it’s almost Christmas and I wanted to share this delicious recipe with you!

For a slightly festive edition of #ThatTranslatorCanCook, I decided to try my hand at Brigadeiro, a well-known Portuguese chocolate truffle dessert! I found it when searching for Christmas recipes on Marmiton and was reminded of this YouTube video I watched many years ago.

This recipe was very easy to translate, but, once again, was somewhat lacking in details. Specifically, it didn’t give a chilling time for the mixture before you roll it out. Having made chocolate truffles before, I decided to chill it overnight in the hopes that that would help.

This recipe was very simple and so I thought it would be nice and easy to make…I was…somewhat right.

Brigadeiro mix in a pan

The actually mixing part was very easy. And for once, the recipe actually stated how long to cook it for (10-12 minutes). However, once the mixture had cooled it was still very sticky and liquid-y. When I checked another recipe and the video I mentioned previously, it became apparent that I had not cooked the mixture for long enough, because they suggest testing it by running the spoon on the bottom of the pan and it takes the mixture 2-3 seconds to cover it up again, then it’s ready. My mixture definitely wasn’t doing this, but I had nothing to guide me and just went with the timings on the recipe!

Brigadeiro mixture and grated chocolate

When it came to rolling, I initially had a bit of a disaster. The mixture was far too runny and stuck to the greaseproof paper I put it on and ran into one big blob that couldn’t be salvaged. I saved half the mixture and put it into the freezer for half an hour…it was still super runny. I left it for another two hours and finally it was solid enough to hold the ball shape. However, once it began to warm up, it began to get very runny again, so my husband and I ate all the chocolates as quickly as possible so that they didn’t go to waste!

Brigadeiro in foil wrapping.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing next week…you’ll have to stay tuned!

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