My Work Goals for 2020

The beginning of a new year (and a new decade!) is the perfect time to set some goals. I have written some personal ones on my personal blog that you can see here, but here are my goals for my translation business for the next year:

  1. Earn 15k – I earned 10k in 2019 and would like to improve on this!
  2. Work with 5 direct clients (including an NGO) – I worked with a couple of direct clients last year but would love to expand this area of my business in 2020. I would especially love to work with an NGO because I am passionate about helping others.
  3. Write 50 blogposts & complete #ThatTranslatorCanCook – I’m on week 11 of this blogging series and would love to see it through to 52 weeks!
  4. Connect with 60 new people on LinkedIn – You can find me here.
  5. Attend a conference – If you have any recommendations let me know.
  6. Complete Deutsche Welle German course
  7. German learning trip? – If I have money and time and am ready, I’d love to go to Germany for two weeks and take a C1 qualifications.
  8. Have fortnightly Arabic sessions with my Moroccan friend – I am committed to doing more CPD this year.
  9. Expand Translators in Norfolk with regular monthly sessions – If you work in the translation sector and live in Norfolk, you can join our group here.
  10. Work for 5 new agencies.

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Verity Roat BA CANTAB MA TRANSLATION CIOL Career Associate is a UK-based Arabic and French > English translator, Copy-writer, Copy-editor, Transcriber, Role-player & Tutor.

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