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Whilst in-person language classes might be as empty as the image at the top of this post, you can still learn a language online and, a lot of times, for free! There are so many useful posts about resources for different free language learning websites out there, that I thought I would collate them into one, easy to find blogpost! I will categorise them by language for ease of access. While I can’t cover all the languages out there, I hope I’ve included a few of the major ones.



  • In this YouTube video, Evan Edinger explains which resources he is using to improve his German beyond the B1-B2 level that using Duolingo has got him to.





Let me know if you know of any lists of resources for learning languages online for free! And if you’d like to learn French and are looking for online language lessons, get in touch with me to find out my availability and have a free 30 min lesson. You can contact me on my contact page or

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