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As a millenial, I grew up with Youtube during my teenage years and still watch it to do this day. While my tastes have varied as I aged, I discovered early on that watching Youtubers who talk in French can be really beneficial for practicing my listening skills. If you are interested in improving your French while listening to native speakers, here are some of the top French youtubers that I like to watch.


Known for his short comedy sketches, Cyprien’s videos are very entertaining. Le Hater is one of my favourites. I would note that he does speak very quickly, but you can use French subtitles to help your comprehension.

Kevin Abroad

While most of Kevin’s videos are in English, he does do the occasional one in French. Generally, he’s a great French Youtuber to watch if you’re interested in learning languages as all his videos are on this topic! One of the best ones in French is Comment j’aborde la grammaire, in which he talks about how he learns grammar. Both informative in terms of language learning tips and French listening comprehension, Kevin doesn’t talk as quickly as Cyprien so is easier for less advanced French learners to follow.

Extra! French

While not technically a Youtube channel, you can find all Extra! French videos on Youtube thanks to Frenchy French. These videos were designed for GCSE learners of French and follow the story of a young American who goes to France to live with his pen friend and practice his French skills. While they are perfect for those taking a GCSE, as they are designed with this qualification in mind, they are also great for Beginners and Intermediate learners of French. You can also find the exact same series in German and Spanish online!

Norman fait des vidéos

This is a channel that I recently discovered. Norman is a teenage Youtuber living in France who makes comedy videos about daily life. Again, he speaks quite quickly so these are probably better for more advanced learners. He is also, apparently, the most household name in French Youtube.


Natoo is a female French Youtuber who makes videos about her life, her two dogs who she loves SO MUCH and Japanese culture. Once again, she speaks rather quickly, so better for a more advanced learner.

So those are some recommendations for French Youtubers to watch! If you have any more suggestions for me, leave them in the comments, because I’d love to know who you watch!

Next week, I’ll be taking a trip down memory lane and talking about my honeymoon in the South of France, because my first anniversary is coming up!

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