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Thanks to the weird situation that is the world during a pandemic in 2020, a lot of us are spending a lot more time at home and watching a lot more television. I can confirm that this is the same for me and I have been desperately searching for new things to watch on Netflix. I was delighted to discover there is a myriad of foreign language drama on Netflix, including loads of French TV shows. As I said in my post on how to learn a language, one of the best ways to learn a language is to up your exposure by watching TV and films, listening to podcasts, etc. So if you’re looking to learn French or just fancy a change from your usual viewing, here are four French Netflix series, available on UK Netflix, that you can stream now.

Le chalet/The Chalet
This is my most recent watch. At the time of writing, I literally finished watching this French TV series last night. It was really good, probably a solid 8/10. It has the feeling of a thriller, horror series and a detective series all rolled into one. It follows the story of a group of friends who return to their childhood home in the mountains when people start mysteriously disappearing. Could it be connected to the mysterious events of 20 years previous?

Zone Blanche/Black Spot
A fantastic crime series centering on the gendarmerie in Villefrance, a small town in the mountains. We follow Major Laurène Weiss and her sidekick Teddy Bear as they work hard to solve the town’s crimes (again, that may be linked to mysterious happenings in previous years).

La Mante
La Mante is a little different from the other French shows on Netflix. It is another detective series, but the twist is that it focuses on one serial killer, La Mante (meaning ‘the mantis’) who agrees to help catch her copycat on one condition: her estranged son, now a police officer, has to head the case.

La forêt/The Forest
Another French series on Netflix that centres around a forest/mountaineous area. Why are they so spooky? The series focuses on the disappearance of a teenage girl in the forest. The police are assisted by her teacher, who had a traumatic experience in the same forest when she was young.

So those are the four French shows on Netflix I’ve watched recently. I hope you enjoy them?

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