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As a freelance translator, productivity and self-motivation are super important to being successful. I don’t always feel super motivated and work hard at my work-life balance, but I thought I would share some of my favourite productivity YouTube channels that give great tips on being productive with you!

Disclaimer: Being productive is great, but there is definitely a culture of toxic productivity out there. Remember to take lots of breaks and time for self-care too! I like to do yoga, meditate and go for daily walks, and if I don’t do this, then I feel my mental health slipping very quickly.

Ali Abdaal
Ali Abdaal is a productivity YouTuber who is known for juggling several businesses while being a full-time doctor. He has specific videos on studying for a medical degree and more general videos on productivity. I love his recent video on productivity burnout, as it encourages us all to take time out when we can!

Jordan Page
Jordan Page was one of the first productivity channels I came across. Her ‘block schedule system’ really helped me to organise my days in the beginning. I prefer a slightly more flexible schedule now, but it was really useful at the start when I had no idea how to plan my work!

More Hannah
More Hannah is Hannah Witton’s second channel. She can usually be found teaching Sex and Relationships Education on her main channel, but on her second channel, she talks about many different things, including books and productivity. Her video on calendar blocking was super useful.

Thomas Frank
Thomas Frank is probably the most well-known productivity YouTuber out there. He has loads of great videos ranging from productivity tips (his channel is where I first learned about the Pomodoro Technique!) to reviewing productivity apps. Great for students and freelancers alike.

Matt D’Avella
Another famous productivity YouTuber. He has loads of really helpful advice on productivity, but he approaches it in a very realistic and honest way. He also talks openly about his struggles with toxic productivity, anxiety and burnout.

So those are some of the best productivity YouTube channels out there! They have really helped me become a more focused worker while making sure I take time out for myself. Do you have any recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments!

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