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You might have noticed that I offer copywriting as one of my services. But what is a copywriter? And how do I find a copywriter in the UK? Read on to find out!

What does a copywriter do?
You might be wondering what it is exactly that a copywriter does. A copywriter writes copy. That is, any type of writing that the client requires. Copy could be an engaging and interesting article to drive people to the client’s website, fun and informative social media posts to engage the client’s audience or product descriptions to encourage customers to buy! As you can see, copywriting is a very varied career, which is why many copywriters specialise in particular topics.

How do I find a copywriter in the UK?
A great way to find a copywriter in the UK is to search for them on social media. By checking out their social media channels and business websites, you will get a feel for the quality of their copy!

I actually offer copywriting as one of my services. I have previous experience in:

  • writing informative and educational academic articles on English literature for students aged 11-18
  • writing fun, interesting and informational blog posts of 500-700 words for a very reputable, well-known medical device manufacturer
  • writing engaging and inspiring product descriptions for an eco-conscious fashion brand
  • designing meta-tags, such as meta description and meta titles, and choosing USPs and headings for fashion products

I also write all of my own copy for social media and have experience writing social media posts for charities. If you need an English copywriter specialising in academia, social media, healthcare, NGOs or fashion, send me an email on verity.roat@cantab.net. I can write copy in both UK English and US English.  

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Verity Roat BA CANTAB MA TRANSLATION CIOL Career Associate is a UK-based Arabic and French > English translator, Copy-writer, Copy-editor, Transcriber, Role-player & Tutor.

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