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It’s Back to School season in the UK and, as such, I thought I would help out new and emerging freelance translators by offering a little insight into what you can expect from my Breaking into Translation mentoring presentation. If you read on to the end, you’ll even find a special discount!

As a new freelance translator, I found it a little lonely and difficult to know how to get into it; I struggled with finding work, advice and answers to my translation queries. However, over the past two years of working as a self-employed translator, I’ve discovered many Facebook groups for translators and even some that advertise translation jobs. Read on to find out about my top three!

Standing Up Exchange

Standing Up Exchange is a group for established translators to post available translation jobs on Facebook. These jobs could be ones that they don’t have time to take on or are in a field or language combination that they don’t offer. They are often for favourite clients and, as such, you know that the client is to be trusted!

Speaking Dolphins

When you get an email from a new client asking you to do a job, you might wonder how to establish if they are trustworthy, will pay on time and generally offer good terms. One way to find out is to log onto Speaking Dolphins and ask the other translators on there if they have any experience working for them! This Facebook group is mostly for translators working with new agencies and is an invaluable resource.

Mentoring for Translators

If you’re looking for a little more advice on being a freelance translator and are unsure where to turn, I would highly recommend checking out the Facebook group Mentoring for Translators. Run by Virginia Katsimpiri, it contains a whole range of webinars on various aspects of being a translator and mentoring opportunities.

I hope this brief summary of my top three Facebook groups for translators has been useful! Please let me know if you think I’ve missed any really useful ones. And, as promised, here is the discount…

As this is the month of la rentrée, as the French so succinctly put it, I am offering a 10% discount on French tuition and my Breaking into Translation mentoring presentation. If you are interested in either, send me an email on and quote ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’.

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