Tips for Self-Isolation

In the last week, the coronavirus situation in the UK has become more
extreme. As of Friday, all state schools in the United Kingdom have shut, many people are being asked to self-isolate, either for their protection or for the protection of others and many offices, shops and restaurants have shut. As a freelance translator, I have a lot of experience of working from home and, having been house-bound for a few months last year due to my IBS, I have a lot of experience keeping myself entertained at home. As such, I wanted to share my tips with you on how to work from home and how to cope with self-isolation!

DITL: Day in the Life

Given the current circumstances in Britain, with everyone stockpiling and panic buying, leaving food shops short of essentials, I have decided to postpone my #ThatTranslatorCanCook posts for the time being…or at least until I can find recipes that use baked beans and home-grown vegetables! So, instead, I will be posting regularly on life as a translator, language learning and all things freelance! So, in light of that, I thought it might be interesting to look at what a typical DITL (Day in the Life) of a freelance translator looks like!

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#ThatTranslatorCanCook Week Seventeen: Tarte Tatin

This week, I decided to give myself a bit of a challenge and make the French classic: Tarte Tatin! I have to admit, although the recipe claimed to be ‘quick and easy’, I struggled to make the caramel! Other than that, the translation process and overall cooking was fairly straightforward.

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#ThatTranslatorCanCook Week Sixteen: Coq au vin

This week, as my husband was visiting France anyway, I decided to opt for a very traditional French recipe: coq au vin! Read on to find out about a few minor translation challenges and the obstacles I face cooking a cockerel!

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#ThatTranslatorCanCook Week Thirteen: Victoria Sponge Cake

This week I thought I’d try something a little different for #ThatTranslatorCanCook and opted for a traditionally British recipe but in French! I thought it might be interesting to see how the recipe differs from a British version of the same recipe.

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#ThatTranslatorCanCook Week Twelve: Galette des Rois

This week, I decided to tackle a traditional French new year’s cake. Yes, I realise I’m a little late to the game (Hannah Lawrence made hers weeks ago…), but I was still in the festive mood and fancied something seasonal!

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