#ThatTranslatorCanCook Week Three: Citrus Chicken Lentils

This week’s recipe is not a traditionally French dish, but rather a necessary way to use up the several kilograms of lentils that have been taking up space in my husband’s cupboard since before I met him…

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#ThatTranslatorCanCook Week Two: Kouign Amann Recipe

This week, I decided to give Kouign Amann (pronounced queen-ya-man). This is a traditional butter cake from Brittany and notoriously difficult to bake.

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#ThatTranslatorCanCook Week One: Moroccan Pastilla

I recently discovered the amazing HannahTranslates’ instagram page and was instantly taken by her #ThatTranslatorCanCook challenge! In this challenge, she picks a recipe in French each week for a year, translates it into English and then cooks it! Afterwards, she writes up her translation and cooking experience on her blog and I thought, you know what, that sounds like something I could do! I decided, however, to alternate my recipes between Arabic and French, as I work in both languages.

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Vocab Vendredi: Arabic Proverbs COMPETITION!!

Hello again and welcome to another Vocab Vendredi. Last week, we looked at some of my favourite Arabic proverbs about camels in The Son of a Duck is a Floater and what they mean in English. This week, I’ve got a little competition for you…

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Vocab Vendredi: French Words for Clothes Related Items/Terms

Hey! Another quick entry this week. In case you’ve ever wondered about making clothes in French, here are some lesser known French words for clothes and other fashion terminology you might come across:

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Vocab Vendredi: French University Courses

Hi all! I’m sorry for the radio silence recently – I got married in August, then went on honeymoon and work has been nonstop ever since! I’ve just got a quicky for you this week, from a translation I recently completed. Here are (some) of the abbreviations and French university course names:

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Vocab Vendredi: French Financial Terms

I’ve done a few translation jobs recently relating to finance and once again, I thought I would share the fruits of my research with you all! So here is a collection of French financial terms! Also, I have a six week series on my instagram called ‘Vocab Vendredi’ where I post an image relating to a French-vocabulary-based fact – check it out here.

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How to Translate: My Translation Technique

Bonjour tout le monde!

If any of you have ever studied translation at university or have experience working with/talking to translators, then you will know that translation technique is a hot topic! But how do you translate a text?

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