Medical Resources

As I said in my translation specialisms post, one of my specialisms is medicine. I chose medicine, because I have a history working within the medical field (I have provided medical role-play from 2012 and I write copy on medical devices) and I am interested in helping people. In this post, I want to showcase some resources that have helped me as someone with an interest in medicine, but who is not a direct member of the medical field. Please let me know if you have any more recommendations!

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Black Lives Matter Resources

I am a little embarrassed. The BLM movement has really experienced an upsurge in visibility since the wrongful death of George Floyd on 25 May and I have yet to speak about it on this platform. In my own, very small way I have been campaigning – I have included BLM highlights on both my professional and lifestyle instagram pages, where you can find a wonderful range of resources by people who are far better equipped to talk about racial issues than I am. But why haven’t I spoken about it on this platform?

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My Work Goals 2020: 6 Month Check In

Happy July! Can you believe we’re officially halfway through the year? I always set new years resolutions and this year I set some work specific ones, which you can see here. As we’re halfway through the year now, I thought it was a good time to check in and see how I’m doing on those goals.

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#ThatTranslatorCanCook Week Twenty: Macarons

This week, which may be my last #ThatTranslatorCanCook post for a while (see explanation below), so I wanted to go out with a bang. I’ve tried to make macarons in the past and failed, so when I found a recipe that claimed to be ‘unfailable’, I jumped at the chance to try them. My attempt was semi-succesful, thanks to our dodgy oven, but they tasted nice!

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Language Learning Resources

Whilst in-person language classes might be as empty as the image at the top of this post, you can still learn a language online and, a lot of times, for free! There are so many useful posts about resources for different free language learning websites out there, that I thought I would collate them into one, easy to find blogpost! I will categorise them by language for ease of access. While I can’t cover all the languages out there, I hope I’ve included a few of the major ones.

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#ThatTranslatorCanCook Week Nineteen: Knepfle

I finally decided to get back into #ThatTranslatorCanCook. Work has calmed down after an initial rush, the stockpiling has stopped and we have a regular online food shopping slot, so I figured I had the time and resources to broaden my culinary horizons again and tickle my translator’s tastebuds! So I headed to Marmiton in search of inspiration. I clicked on their random recipe and knepfle came up! I’d never heard of them before, but a quick google search told me they were a speciality from Alsace and similar to Spätzle that I have tried, so I thought why not?

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Translation specialisms

This week, I thought I’d dive into the world of translation specialisms and address a) why translators specialise and b) why I chose my specialisms. So let’s jump right in!

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French for advanced learners: tips and tricks!

This week, I thought I’d give my best tips and tricks for advanced learners of French. So often (and I’m guilty of this too), when blogs give tips for French learners, they’re talking about absolute Beginners. However, in my work as a tutor, I have taught French for people of all ages and abilities (and, as you never really stop learning a language, I would class myself as still a learner), so I thought I would share my top tips and tricks for French for advanced learners.

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