Tutoring and Role-playing

Since 2013, I have been a self-employed tutor and have tutored a variety of pupils of all abilities. I offer tuition for English Literature up to GCSE, French up to ‘A’ level and English as a foreign language. I also provide role-playing services for medical students as part of their communication skills training and OSCEs.

✔️ Tutoring
Tutoring French for all ages and abilities. With reference to exams, I can provide tuition to support students up to ‘A’ level. Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Tutoring English Literature up to GCSE level.

✔️ Role-playing
Providing role-playing services for medical students to help them hone their communication skills. Since 2019, also providing role-playing for medical students’ OSCE examinations.

If you’re interesting in booking a trial lesson or want to book me to provide role-play for medical students, you can contact me via my contact page or call me on +44 (0) 7740031695.

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